Coming October 16th, 2022: The fifth full-length LP from indie torch-bearers Black Nite Crash.

Formed in Seattle twenty years ago, Black Nite Crash has, over the years, involved more than 30 members around frontman Jim Biggs, the last remaining original member. Yet somehow, the band has maintained a coherent sound and vision throughout.

“This album was started before the pandemic and then endlessly delayed until now, which speaks to the perseverance of the band. This is the band’s fifth full length in nearly twenty years of existence, and it looks to be the start of a period of more frequent releases as we work through our backlog of unreleased recorded songs, not to mention the surplus of new material we’re working on even now,” says Biggs.

“After a long career of creating fuzzed out noise pop with wall of sound guitars somewhere between psychedelia and shoegaze, we’re branching out into more subtle dynamics and stretching our sound to include different stylistic flourishes – everything from Murder Ballads to Baggy pop tunes. There’s also something about it that sounds like the wide open west; for a band that lives in the soggy Pacific Northwest, the sound of the desert has long seemed to haunt our music (to be fair, the band, as constituted on this release includes Tony and Sharim, both from Las Vegas and Jasun is from Arizona). All of that being said, we are not completely abandoning our fuzzy pop tunes.”

Featuring a lineup that has been together for a number of years now and co-production/mixing from longtime collaborator Matt Brown (Trespassers William), the album is a journey through newer musical landscapes.

NS021 : Black Nite Crash - Washed In The Sound With Black Nite Crash [Neon Sigh, 2022]
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