Tokyoidaho, Boats, Slow Bird, and Charms at Comet Tavern 1 Mar 2013 – Seattle

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//// TOKYOIDAHO ////

#1 Most played track by week on 90.3 KEXP Seattle! Tokyoidaho is the ironically named new surrealist pop group from Peter Marchese (Vocals, Guitar, Moog, Sequencer), Jasun Hadaway (Bass Guitar), and Elliott Nutt (Drums), three ex-members of the long running Seattle beat combo Voyager One.

So what exactly does Tokyoidaho SOUND like anyway? Well, I could use some descriptive adjectives like, “Crunchy” or “Squishy” or maybe even “Interesting” to describe the bands’ sound, but how about something like: “Radiohead meets Pink Floyd at a middle school kickball tournament circa 1978″ or maybe “Like a cross between vintage Eno and Ringo’s drumkit falling out of the back of a 12-passenger van “, or if I was feeling particularly inspired then maybe I could say something like “The ghost of Curtis Mayfield in the middle of a heated funk workout with a malfunctioning R2-UNIT”, So anyway, fans of Tame Impala, any of the above mentioned, psychedelic rock, Moog, etc should not miss this!

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