Nowhere: shoegaze, dreampop, modern psych, ambient – $FREE

Nowhere: shoegaze, dreampop, modern psych, ambient - $FREE at Revolver Bar. A Neon Sigh event

Wed July 13 at 9pm, welcome to Nowhere!

The new Seattle club night for shoegaze, dreampop, and other thoughtful music that sounds like a dream.

DJs Retina Burn and Jermaine continue to find all the best new and classic music in these styles from around the world, 1980s-present. In particular, this time we include some exciting stuff from the French scene which has been progressing the past few years.

Come by and hear the ones you know, find out about ones you might not, hang out with friends, ask questions, take a smoke break, make a connection, etc. You can stop thinking about work and immerse yourself in wonderful sound.

We play all vinyl and there’s always a projection of interesting video! The drinks are good, too.

9pm-on, Wednesday July 13
FREE at Revolver Bar

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