BNC / DLE, 10 Jun

We’ve got Black Nite Crash playing at LoFi Seattle Friday night 10th June with The Figgs, a classic example of a band good enough that the major label they’re on doesn’t know what to do with them, so the band counts on viewers like YOU to know better than the suits. Check’m out. Speaking of viewers, check the flier… and add yourself to the event:

If you’re on the East Coast, you may prefer to catch Dead Leaf Echo in NYC at ALPHAVILLE (also Friday night) as part of Northside Festival. Details here =

Then on Sunday, later during Northside Festival, DLE are playing an ambient set at Pete’s Candy Store. Check it here =

One more link —- here’s the archived appearance by DLE on Radio Free Brooklyn from a few weeks ago. It features live songs and interviews

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