Back with another EP, Black Nite Crash present COLONY DRIVE. Featuring tracks formed and recorded pre-pandemic, this project commenced recording at the end of 2016 as this current world devolution began in earnest. Lead single “Wrong” is a simple yet scathing indictment of the surveillance state and a government that, even then, did not speak for the people, and has only worsened in that regard over the ensuing years.

The rest of the songs pulse with an energy fueled by discontent and disillusionment of a more romantic nature, returning to their original mission statement, driven by a hammering rhythm section featuring Tony Zuniga (drums) and Jasun Hadaway (bass) as nuanced, strong, and interesting as the guitar leads, which wind in and around each other in a delicate but clamorous dance, four guitarists dueling through a changing of the guard in the band, with long time lead player Scott Kennedy ceding to new additions Sharim Johnson and Claire Tucker.

All three of the remaining songs on this four song set speak to themes of love, lust and longing. “Waiting for Her” comes as a paean to that connection we’ve all just missed, time and again, while “She” speaks directly to the allure of that very thing, especially when the object of devotion is a strong, and strong-willed, individual with their own drives and desires. The closing title track is the loudest¬†expression of suburban ennui since the early days of punk and its occasional focus on Boredom (bah-dum bah-dum).

The session is the product of fan-favorite selection during the Seattle record label festival Channel Fest, with Neon Sigh awarded best label by voters and given studio time generously donated by Electrokitty Sound Studio and Channel Fest. The Colony Drive EP features the brilliant results. 

COLONY DRIVE releases this Friday, Sept 4, 2020.

NS020 : Black Nite Crash - Colony Drive [Neon Sigh, 2020]
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