#1 Most played track by week on 90.3 KEXP Seattle! Tokyoidaho is the ironically named new surrealist pop group from Peter Marchese (Vocals, Guitar, Moog, Sequencer), Jasun Hadaway (Bass Guitar), and Elliott Nutt (Drums), three ex-members of the long running Seattle beat combo Voyager One.

So what do you get when you combine Tokyoidaho with “Mid-Side” Dylan, a pink snare drum, a broken Moog, and the sound of a tire slowly going flat in the rain-soaked wilds of Woodinville, WA ? The new Tokyoidaho single of course! The boys get poppy with….INTERFACE.

This single is the result of a free recording session generously donated to the Tokyoidaho cause by Dylan Fant and One Shot Studios.

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In addition, Tokyoidaho’s latest EP is available now! Peculiar Shadows is limited to 100 CD copies (or infinite digital copies!)

Some background:

With power cells depleted, Voyager One drifted off into the far reaches of deep space, never to be heard from again, but fortunately we find Tokyoidaho, earthbound and ready to chart a new Technicolor course all its own. Let’s learn a bit about this new group shall we? We Shall!

First off, what’s with the name anyway? What (if anything) does Tokyoidaho mean? Could be an oblique reference to Seattle and where it sits geographically and culturally (somewhere between the neon-future and the old west). Could be that weird mash-ups are the only googleable names left in this crazy mixed-up world!

O.K. so what exactly does Tokyoidaho SOUND like anyway? Will I even LIKE it? Well, I could use some descriptive adjectives like, “Crunchy” or “Squishy” or maybe even “Interesting” to describe the bands’ sound, but how about something like: “Radiohead meets Pink Floyd at a middle school kickball tournament circa 1978″ or maybe “Like a cross between vintage Eno and Ringo’s drumkit falling out of the back of a 12-passenger van “, or if I was feeling particularly inspired then maybe I could say something like “The ghost of Curtis Mayfield in the middle of a heated funk workout with a malfunctioning R2-UNIT”, however those descriptions would just make them sound pretty silly and pretentious and that is NOT the effect we are going for here! I reckon the best bet we have then is to just have a listen…. preview and buy the album on bandcamp here!

For the Tokyoidaho live session on KEXP from 22 Dec 2012, click here

NS013 : Tokyoidaho - Peculiar Shadows (Neon Sigh, 2014)

Peculiar Shadows

Neon Sigh, NS013

released 25 Mar 2014

Tokyoidaho - Self-titled, Neon Sigh 2012


Neon Sigh, NS002

released 4th Sept 2012

Black Nite Crash / Tokyoidaho / Rendezvous 6 Feb 2015